- Geoff Jowett
Without doubt, I have learnt more about weight loss in the last 3 years than I have in the previous 20. With this in mind, I am super excited to bring you my latest body of work

Exercise Makes You Fat; the case against everything you have been told (sold) and what really works for weight loss.

There is so much more to losing weight than chicken + broccoli + walking, stuff I simply did not know 10 years ago. Through my own personal challenges over the past few years I have learnt more than I could have ever dreamed about human psychology, addiction, cravings, anxiety and depression and subsequently peak performance and weight loss.

So many people use food as a crutch to feel good, numb pain and escape their problems. Sustainable weight loss requires we treat the root cause not just the symptom (overeating, bingeing, eating the wrong foods and food addiction).

You can't outrun a bad diet I totally agree but we must establish why we eat the bad diet and binge. Where is the pain? What are we escaping avoiding numbing? This is at the very core of Exercise Makes You fat; working out why we binge, how to overcome, and in turn live our best life.

Helping people lose weight, believe in themselves and be their passion is my passion. That’s the one thing (I believe) I do well in this world and it's what brings me joy and a feeling of contribution. The more we help others the more we heal ourselves. I hope you enjoy reading this book and its messages, tips, strategies for weight loss and life, as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

I am about to embark on a new weight loss crusade to help 10 million people globally lose weight over the next 5 years. This book is the beginning of a whole new weight loss revolution built on connection, contribution and tribe. Beyond excited to bring this information to you.

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Exercise Makes You Fat is an honest assessment of where things are at. Calling bullshit on the bullshit from a bloke who got caught up in it himself for a while. But not anymore -
it has to stop.
The marketing men, big food, big pharma and in ways the fitness industry are killing you slowly with their propaganda and one sided promotion.
I’m here to shout the truth because lives depend on it being exposed.
Luv ya

Geoffro x

Geoff Jowett is one of the foremost authorities on weight loss around the world having helping millions with their goals. With over 20 years experience coaching, educating and motivating people Geoff is able to cut through the industry hype, latest fads and antiquated theories to provide genuine solutions that change lives.

He started his career as a personal trainer once completing his Sports Science degree from the University of New South Wales and quite quickly become the best in the business, winning the coveted Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award in 2003.

Geoff walks the walk. He is a champion bodybuilder and a product of his product. The weight loss, health, fitness, food and supplement industries are littered with marketing spin and people peddling their own product more so than telling the honest truth. Geoff’s passion at age 40 is to expose all, based on over 20 years of research and learning first hand from hundreds of thousands of success stories - what works and why and how it can work for you !!

Why should you listen to Geoff?
He Co-Founded Vision Personal Training, the largest and most respected chain of PT studios in Australia / New Zealand with over 55 locations. He created the Bodytrim and Bodysculpt systems which helped over a million people around the world with their weight loss goals and he is the best selling author of Myths, Lies and Exercise. He also created ‘Advantage’, his mindset and motivation audio program to equip people with the tools to win big.  

He is one of the most practical people in the field of weight loss. He has created “Eating Out For Weight Loss” DVDs and weight loss cook books (by cuisine style) to ensure wherever you are in the world you are equipped with the tools to stay trim.

In a time when everyone calls themselves a thought leader Geoff is the real deal committed to helping people be their best through sharing the information he has acquired over time. Author, speaker, motivator Geoff’s passion is second to none when it comes to helping people realise their potential and create their best life.

Controversial? Outspoken? A Maverick of the industry? Quite possible. But all with good cause and reason. People deserve the truth. We live in a time of plaguing obesity. The time for change is now.

Weight Loss Crusader
Through this book and other weight loss coaching tools Geoff has a goal of helping 10 million people around the world discover the truth and achieve optimal health, purpose and best practice living. This book treats the root cause of weight gain, not just the symptom and is designed to give people the foundations to win.

Weight loss v fitness training
There is a difference and in this book Geoff explains why.

“Strenuous exercise for weight loss is like taking cough medicine for a toe infection” says Jowett

For decades we have been treating the symptoms of weight gain, not the root cause. People are told to go on strict diets which are simply not sustainable and are not learning about why they binge eat and have food addictions.

The majority of diets are tip of the iceberg treatments and fail to go under the surface to successfully treat the cause of bad eating and food addiction. Through Geoff’s own personal challenges and battles with addictions he has developed first hand knowledge and strategies for combatting

He firmly believes addiction whether it be with food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, internet, porn or a combination as is often the case, stems from the same root cause and this is what must be understood to lose weight for life and live a happier, healthier, joyous life

Begin with the end in mind
If you can’t do for the rest of your life what you’re embarking on today it's never going to be sustainable. This is the approach Jowett takes with his new book and method; the last weight loss program you will ever need - a lifestyle not a diet.
Australian heads of industry, leading personal trainers, and peak performance coaches are already praising the book and Geoff's latest strategies
“In my many years of working in the fitness industry I have not met a more resilient, passionate and dedicated person intent on helping people to lose weight and live a better and more productive life. Geoff was one of the first to publicly state that high intensity exercise was not the most effective intervention for losing weight and was instrumental in educating the public with the 70% food, 20% physical activity and 10% intense exercise prescription that has been so successful for him in helping hundreds of thousands of people to lose and control their body weight.

At times controversial Geoff has never taken a backward step in putting the needs of his clients first and foremost in telling it “like it is”, his current book is no exception. An insightful publication that encourages people to be more physically active throughout the day at a low to moderate intensity in combination with his sensible and highly effective eating plan rather than rely on the old methods of energy restriction and a daily single bout of high intensity exercise.  Through our many discussions Geoff ignited my passion for NEPA (non exercise physical activity) as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and an integral part of any long term sustainable weight loss journey.”

- Dr Paul Batman PhD, MSc, BSc, Dip Ed, DipPhysEd

"Exercise Scientist, entrepreneur, brand-builder, story-teller, thought leader, master-communicator, feather-ruffler, maniac, educator and funny bastard; Geoff Jowett is all of it and more. For twenty years I’ve watched this high-performance man-child inspire, surprise, entertain, enlighten and coach the masses towards their best body, best fitness, best mindset and best results. And while the majority obsess about sets and reps, micros and macros, this protocol versus that, Geoff understands that changing a body (and keeping it changed) is largely a psychological and emotional journey, with a physical outcome. He doesn’t ‘work with bodies’, he works with people (who live in bodies). Change the person and the body will follow.

As a person who has experienced his own personal peaks and troughs (like the rest of us), Geoff has a great understanding of, and empathy for, people who struggle, who lack self-esteem, who aren’t genetically gifted, who have fallen over many times and who are tired of being the ‘almost person’. And that’s exactly what makes him such a great resource and inspiration for the rest of us."

- Craig Harper (B.Ex.Sci.)
Author, Media Presenter, Professional Speaker

"Once in a generation someone comes along that makes an indelible mark in their chosen field. Geoff Jowett is that someone! Espousing the virtue that you never stop learning, Geoff has channelled decades of knowledge and experience into his new book. It is a game changer, offering insights into how to control your bodyweight that will benefit every single person who reads the tome. Geoff presents his arguments in a logical and easy to read format, with many "lightbulb" moments that will have you nodding in agreement. A must read for anyone who wishes to upgrade their life skills.

Paul Haslam (B.Sp.Sc)

"It's one thing to say you are an authority on weight loss, however its another thing to have the case studies to prove it.... Geoff Jowett is the real deal when it comes to weight loss and has proven time and time again with hundreds of thousands of people that his methods work. He is undoubtedly one of the most passionate and successful weight loss coaches and pioneers ever. This book cuts to the heart of whats wrong with the weight loss industry and will prove a way out for many more hundreds of thousands of people”

Jet Xavier
Peak performance and success coach

“A terrific read compelling from cover to cover. It all just makes so much sense and the way Geoff explains it in this book, it’s so damn obvious how we got to where we are (and why) and what we now need to do to course correct. Loved it”.

Belinda Hackett

“A brilliant insight into weight loss and also the truth behind what we are sold in today’s marketplace. Confronting, eye opening, and solution based, EMYF is a must read for anyone wanting real answers from a guy who has seen and tried it all. Nicely done Geoff”.

Francesca Tait

“It's not just a weight loss book !!

It's a book for best practice living for the whole family. Seriously impressive knowledge that the majority including me aren't aware of! I hope you sell millions, it is that good"

Tom Arnott
Certified PGA Professional

“It's not just a weight loss book !!

It's a book for best practice living for the whole family. Seriously impressive knowledge that the majority including me aren't aware of! I hope you sell millions, it is that good"

Tom Arnott
Certified PGA Professional
Former Australian Junior Champion, National and State Representative - Golf

The food, pharmaceutical and fitness industries all have agenda that often are not aligned with the best interests of the consumer. Geoff sheds light on the ‘real truth’ and blows the doors open on what YOU need to know.

Diet products are often loaded with sugar and making people fat. High intensity cardio causes high intensity eating - the gy is for fitness NOT weight loss. Taking insulin for insulin resistance is not best practice - food is the best medicine and history shows us how  

All this and loads more truths exposed

This new instalment from Jowett proves beyond doubt where and why we went wrong and what to do to set you up to live your best life NOW. “We can't change the past but we can understand it” says Jowett and then successfully move forward and make inroads on the man made diseases of civilisation like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

“My passion is arming you with knowledge to make informed and educated decisions in the supermarket, the drug store and throughout your life” says Jowett.