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Without doubt Geoff Jowett is one of the foremost authorities on weight loss around the world having helping millions with their goals. With over 20 years experience coaching, educating and motivating people Geoff is able to cut through the industry hype, latest fads and antiquated theories to provide genuine solutions that change lives.

He started his career as a personal trainer once completing his Sports Science degree from the University of New South Wales and quite quickly become the best in the business, winning the coveted Australian Personal Trainer of the Year Award in 2003.

Geoff walks the walk. He is a champion bodybuilder and a product of his product. The weight loss, health, fitness, food and supplement industries are littered with marketing spin and people peddling their own product more so than telling the honest truth. Geoff’s passion at age 40 is to expose all, based on over 20 years of research and learning first hand from hundreds of thousands of success stories - what works and why and how it can work for you !!

Why should you listen to Geoff?

He Co-Founded Vision Personal Training, the largest and most respected chain of PT studios in Australia / New Zealand with over 55 locations. He created the Bodytrim and Bodysculpt systems which helped over a million people around the world with their weight loss goals and he is the best selling author of Myths, Lies and Exercise. He also created ‘Advantage’, his mindset and motivation audio program to equip people with the tools to win big.  

He is one of the most practical people in the field of weight loss. He has created “Eating Out For Weight Loss” DVDs and weight loss cook books (by cuisine style) to ensure wherever you are in the world you are equipped with the tools to stay trim.

In a time when everyone calls themselves a thought leader Geoff is the real deal committed to helping people be their best through sharing the information he has acquired over time. Author, speaker, motivator Geoff’s passion is second to none when it comes to helping people realise their potential and create their best life.

Controversial? Outspoken? A Maverick of the industry? Quite possible. But all with good cause and reason. People deserve the truth. We live in a time of plaguing obesity. The time for change is now

Weight Loss Crusader

Through his weight loss coaching tools Geoff has a goal of helping 10 million people around the world discover the truth and achieve their optimal health.

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Reprogram your thinking for weight loss and life!

Be coached 2x a day LIVE by Geoff and other experts. Weight loss, mindset and life coaching to create your best body, happiest life and treat the root cause of your weight gain. Join an incredibly positive and active members community here to support you every step of the way.

Walking clubs and FREE seminars are all part of the membership. Team up with a buddy in the group (if you wish) and learn from Geoff everyday to fast track your success. Recipes, food guides, eating plans and more.

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One on one (4 week program)

Be personally coached by Geoff himself via phone, skype, email. Weight loss, mindset, motivation and strategies to help you lose the weight and transform your entire life, helping you address the root cause of your weight gain.

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Exercise Makes You Fat is an honest assessment of where things are at. Calling bullshit on the bullshit from a bloke who got caught up in it himself for a while. But not anymore - it has to stop.

The marketing men, big food, big pharma and in ways the fitness industry are killing you slowly with their propaganda and one sided promotion.

I’m here to shout the truth because lives depend on it being exposed.

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For 20 years Geoff has been helping people set goals, lose weight and be their best. It is his passion. As a personal trainer, weight loss and mindset coach Geoff is addicted to helping people realise their own potential.

As you can see by the success stories here he knows his stuff.


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  • How to survive and thrive through tough times
  • Health And Well-being
  • Resilience advantage
  • Mindset for crushing life
  • Weight loss and health
  • How to reinvent YOU
  • Turning adversity into opportunity
  • Fitness. Health. Weightloss tips

I'm most passionate about helping people be their best in life and career. Setting goals and attacking their passion

Geoff Jowett. Be your best. That's really my mission.... Helping people be their best!

"No-ones as good as they look and we're all much better than we think"

Sharing my personal stories of massive failure and the success to show others anything is possible in their life.

Own the wins and the failures.

I'm very happy to dig into my tough times because that gives others hope that anything's possible and that anyone can bounce forward and thrive.

Geoff’s Movement Is For YOU If You Are…

About Geoff Jowett

As one of Australia’s leading motivators and speakers, Geoff Jowett is known for his animated appearances on the morning TV shows promoting his Bodytrim weight loss program and products. However, there’s a lot more going on with Geoff than his outgoing TV persona.

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

Hey! Geoff Jowett here. Just a note to say a few things to you so you know I totally understand the struggles you might be dealing with in your life.  

After achieving a financially successful secure life style at only 25 years old…I found myself spinning out of control with my own low feelings, bad thoughts, stress, and  covering it with addiction to alcohol and drugs.  And by the age of 30, I had lost it all and ended up living with my Dad.

I knew that was not where I wanted to be. I leant many valuable lessons during that time and they helped me tremendously. So much so, I know they can help you too.

One thing became crystal clear as I recovered…I was to help other men and women who are silently suffering from weight loss and motivation issues.

Be Your Best Is A Global Movement

According to the Australian Institute Of Health and Welfare (2012), overweight and obesity is the 2nd highest contributor to burden of disease in Australia. With a shocking 64% of adults overweight or obese in our country, this is a health epidemic!

Here's what you'll learn in my Programs

How to create urgency and take massive action

Discover the root cause of your weight issues, why you self sabotage, turn to food for comfort, binge eat and powerful strategies to combat

How to speed up your metabolism and burn body fat for fuel

The pillars of sustainable weight loss. You will learn the things that will keep the weight off, the solid foundations for success, not just eating plans and exercise guides

Over 20 years of weight loss knowledge and coaching right here in my programs, books, audios and tools to help you make permanent change and live a happier life

Geoff has been a constant source of inspiration for me and was one of the initial drivers for a substantial shift in my life. He has an ability to take people to places they don't believe they can go and that is certainly replicated for me. Our paths are often determined by the people we associate with, I'm glad Geoff is part of my inner circle, or mentors, confidantes and friends.

Tony Curl

Geoff clearly has a passion to help people. He is a genuine man who absolutely knows what he is talking about and has helped so many people. He is an amazing mentor and his knowledge along with his passion is the key to why he is so good at what he does.

Rob Stoutley

Without Geoff and his programs, I don't know where my life would be; but I can hand on heart say it wouldn't be where it is - I'm happy, healthy and have so many opportunities in my life

Steph Millet

The Team behind the Scene

I couldn't do this alone. Here are some of the awesome people that help put this service together

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